Self-directed learning program

Customized competency course for each job role for strategic talent development
In order to cultivate experts in each job field, all departments are classified into eight jobs of strategy/management, DT, IT, research, PB, financial products, operation/sales, and IB experts according to their roles in each job field with professional training courses.
Specialized course on financial investment to strengthen comprehensive asset management capabilities
In order to train the best PB experts, we are conducting a "Eugene Champion PB Training Course" such as product training centered on sales points that can be applied directly to practice, disseminating knowhow through case sharing, and operating the "Master PB System" to select and support the best PB.
Support for graduate schools by field to foster key talent
As part of strategic talent development for future growth, we are fully subsidizing graduate school tuition so that applicants can choose their majors such as MBA, financial engineering, economics, and real estate.
In-house special lectures by topic in various fields
Special lectures are held by experts in trendy fields such as history, psychology, health, economy, culture, marketing, and future innovation for employees.