Risk Management

Risk management policy

Achieving the target return requires taking a corresponding risk; in this case, it is most effective to be exposed to the minimum risk. Accordingly, Eugene Investment & Securities is operating a risk management process to maintain capital adequacy and to be exposed to minimum risks.

Risk management system

ugene Investment & Securities has the "Risk Management Committee," "Risk Management Subcommittee," and "Risk Management Working Committee" as the relevant decision-making bodies for systematic risk management.

Risk Management Committee
The "Risk Management Committee" is the highest decision-making body related to risk management under the BOD and is composed of 5 directors (2 representative directors and 3 independent directors). The Risk Management Committee deliberates and decides on risk management-related matters, including the establishment of basic corporate risk management policies and strategies. Specifically, it includes the establishment of basic risk management policies in line with business strategies, determination of level of risk that the company can bear, and approval of appropriate investment and loss limits.
Risk Management Subcommittee
As a working organization related to risk management, the "Risk Management Subcommittee" deliberates and decides on practical matters related to risk management.
Risk Management Working Committee
The Risk Management Working Committee is composed of the heads of working departments to support rational decision making and professional advice related to risk management. The CRO (Risk Management Officer) operates the "Risk Management Office" under the direct control of the CEO and has a "Risk Management" department and a "Risk Review" department under him/her.
Risk Management Office
The Risk Management Office maintains independence from the sales department, and its teams are setting and monitoring limits, evaluating fair prices, reviewing investment issues, and establishing and operating a risk management system. The Risk Management Headquarters works with the relevant departments to balance the pursuit of profit and risk management.