Our Services

Channel Sales
We carry out brokerage of securities, development and sales of various financial products, and customer portfolio design for individual, corporate, and institutional investors.
  • WM Business Division and Champions Lounge Finance Center provide financial products such as stock/derivatives consignment trading and funds, as well as asset management services tailored to customers' investment preferences. In particular, to provide specialized wealth management services, we opened the Champions Lounge Finance Center and Seoul WM Center in 2020, followed by the Bundang WM Center and Gwangju WM Center in 2021.
  • The Digital Finance Office is continuing its efforts to provide customers with a convenient digital financial environment by establishing a financial integration platform such as digital platforms(HTS, MTS), and YouTube channel.
  • The Derivatives Solutions Office offers customized client solutions for institutional investors such as ETF LP, market making, etc
We provide a variety of corporate finance solutions such as IPO, capital increase, corporate bond acquisition, M&A consulting, structured finance, and PF to enable effective corporate activities for money demanders such as companies.
  • The Corporate Finance Office, Capital Market Office, IPO Office provide services related to corporate financing, such as IPO, corporate bond issuance, capital increase, and financial consulting.
  • The PF1,2 headquarters and the Real Estate Development Office continuously discover real estate projects that require large-scale financing and carry out tasks such as acquisition and recruitment of structured securities, provision of credit, and financial advice.
We offer market-leading securities, derivatives trading solutions and invest in promising vusinesses using our own catpital.
  • Fixed Income Division is in charge of trading and operating derivative financial products with bonds, repo, and FX/interest rates/products as underlying assets. It alwo provides a wide range of fixed income products to our WM clients as possible investment options that they can select.
  • The Asset Management Office is striving to increase profits by utilizing its equity capital to invest in listed and unlisted stocks, PEFs, and other management tools, including pre-IPOs.